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Коммутатор Uplink UFS-108/2SM — Unmanaget Fiber Switch

  Коммутатор Uplink UFS-108/2SM — Unmanaget Fiber Switch, фото 1
 Коммутатор Uplink UFS-108/2SM — Unmanaget Fiber Switch, фото 2  Коммутатор Uplink UFS-108/2SM — Unmanaget Fiber Switch, фото 3
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Unmanageable Fiber Switch 8Fiber 100Mbps + 2 1000M RJ45 ports
This unmanaged Switch is designed for fiber optic fiber Ethernet aggregation switch designed for applcatons. it has 8 optical ports (optional), and two 10/100 / 1000M adaptive RJ45 port Users could use different interfaces optical modules, enabling 10/100 / lOOOBase-T twisted pa.r and seamless data I nk between 100Base-FX fiber opbc cable It is not onfy to extend the transmission distance, but also with isolation protection, good data security performance stable, easy to maintain and many other advantages, so as to effectively avod the threat of harsh environments lightning, surge and electromagnetic interference and other communications equipment.
This fiber switch has 2 RJ45 port twisted cable interface and 8 optical interfaces are used to connect the twisted cable and fiber The feature is the RJ45 Port can Straight Imo / cross-I nc odaptivo. con be a full-duplex also half-duplex mode
Fiber port of switch is only 100M fu§-dupittx mode; RJ45 ports can operate at 1CM. 100M or 1000M. full or half duplex mode * a real 10/100 / 1000M adaptive optical switches
Opical Module can be Single-mode and single-mod© And Sogi© mode can be dual fiber and single Fiber Dual Fiber module requred to two-core fiber to transfer 1 Ethernet signal Single Fiber onty need one core to transfer t Ethernet signals
♦ 8 Fiber ports and 2 RJ45 port (optional)
♦ RJ45 can be sen-adaptive 10/100/1000M . Fus / half dup’ex mode straight ine / cross-wire connect on
♦ Fiber port support 1000M full-duplex mode ♦Supports Cow control, can prevent broadcast storms
♦ Supports 4K VLAN IDs. 3 Level QoS. TPv4, TPv6 ♦Supports Ports parallel functions (TrunUng)
♦ Supports Max 1632 bytes
♦ Low power consumption, low heat.long bmo stable performance CfiT Specifications
♦ Standard: IEEE802 3Ai/2/ab.10Base-T. 1008ase-TX. 1000Base-T and l00Base-X
♦ Mac Address L«st! 8K (automat« updato >
♦ Jumbo Frame Memory: 1MKb share
♦ Badtpiano bandwidth: 2G. non-blocking wire-speed forwarding
♦ interface standard UTPRJ-45. 10/100/1 OOOMbps(scn.Adapt.vo); Fiber Port 100Mbps:
♦ Cable: twisted-pair cables: 5E.CAT6 (Max distance 100M)
Fiber Single-mode) 50/125. 62.5/125pm Max distance 550/224M) Fiber »«glemodo). 8/125. 8 7/125. 9/125pm Max I0~100km)
♦ Flow control: Fult-deplux IEEE802 3x;
Half-duplex backpressure flow control
♦ Network delay: < 20ps
♦ LED indicator PYVR FX1 .FX2 . FX3 .FX4 ,FX5 . FX6 ,FX7 ,FX8
♦ Power supply AC 220V(100-240V),50'~60Hz. DC:5V.3A
♦ Environment Temperature 0 — *50"Ci
♦ Storaoe Temperature -40 ~ *70X1:
♦ Homd*y:: 5% - 90%
♦ Orwwn: 26*100»270(K:)mm:
C0” LED Indicator:
The Green right UTP ON UTP Port 100Mbps. The Yellow left UTP ON UTP Port 1000Mbps. Green and Yellow Both OFF: UTP Port: 10M. PWR ON Working FX1 FX8: ON FX1 FX8 working
Zif~ Advantages:
ideal for high-definition digital network monitoring network, large-scale monitoring networks as fiber aggregation, can be used as small and medium monitor network core switches use. it can aggregate 8 - 100M fiber Inks, support for IP video stream packets with ultra illegal length packets, use s'ablety. appi-cation flexible, cost-saving for your network
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Unmanageable fiber switch 1 piece
DC5V 3A power adapter Iptece
User manual 1 piece
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